The Best Way To Get Your Movies Using Torrents in 2020

The Best Way To Get Your Movies Using Torrents in 2020

We’ve all been in the situation when you cannot find your favorite series anywhere and you’re short on money to allow yourself several costly subscriptions. Furthermore, you’re not even interested in most of the content they offer, so basically you’ll be paying the full price for that one specific show. We understand the struggle.

That’s why millions of people from all around the world use torrents as a convenient way of getting entertainment they love absolutely for free!

Which Are The Best Sources To Download Your Torrents From?

One of the main reasons to be extra careful while picking your torrent platform is that many of them don’t have strong security protocols. Their content isn’t checked or approved by moderators, it can contain phishing programs, viruses, and other ways of hurting your soft or getting your personal info. 

There are, however, a few beacons of safety, using which you can expect nothing but what you came for. 

The most reputable and trustable torrent platform of them all is The Pirate Bay. It was founded in 2003 and for the last 17 years it’s been the biggest and the most popular place to get your torrents from. 

The main advantages of The Pirate Bay are:

  • Millions of users, ensuring that all your downloads will be fast and secure
  • Translated into 35 languages, meaning you’ll find files that you need with no hassle  
  • Different categories, like Games, Films, Music, Ebooks, and many others 
  • High level of security and files protection, which ensures no viruses and unwanted soft
  • The biggest database of files, offering more variety and choice than anybody else
  • Perfect reputation, that has been proved many times for almost 20 years of service

That’s why you should check out The Pirate Bay if you’d like to download your torrents in a safe environment. 

What Do I Need To Download A Torrent? 

In order to be able to download torrent files, you need to have a few things pre-installed on your device.

Torrent Client

A torrent client is a piece of software for downloading files using a peer to peer system. It allows users to find files, quickly download them, and store them in one accessible place. We can recommend using one of the following ones for your torrents: Utorrent, Bittorrent, Deluge.

 VPN Service

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. That’s a platform that helps to keep your IP and other private information hidden and safe. Using torrents can be somewhat problematic in some countries, that’s why it’s advisable to use it only after having your VPN installed. You can find a lot of different free services online but we can recommend a Nord VPN, which is an official partner of The Pirate Bay

So now, after you got to know about the most popular torrent site in the world and all the steps you need to take to use it, feel free to discover the exciting world of millions of free films, tv shows, albums, and games! 

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